10×10 spring remix

Thank you Caroline Joy from Un-fancy for next challenge. This time 10×10 spring remix.

Everyone is invited. Just pick 10 clothing items (shoes included) and create 10 outfits for ten days. Share your choices on Instagram today and your first outfit post on Monday with #spring10x10  and have fun. I have already chosen my pieces as below.


These are my favorites and I hope they won’t disappoint me.

This challenge is little harder because I needed to include all my Easter outfits. As far as I (and weather forecast) know weather will be similar as today, no sudden changes, no heavy rains or tornados on horizon. Cooler mornings and evenings and warm nice middays. I know that in my church AC is freezing so I needed to include 2 outer layers: one trench coat and one jacket, also 3 tops, 3 bottoms, 2 pairs of shoes.

I hope you like my choices and please, tell me if you like that challenge.

I will post all my outfits on my likekate Instagram and also give you my thoughts during the challenge  so you are informed with details.

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Have a nice weekend.


My beauty favorites for spring.

I need to start my beauty series. Every season I will try to post some of my best beauty products so some of you can just like the same or at least try one of them all for your favor because all I include here are my best ever products.


Let’s start this post with skincare.

You know me only from a few posts 😉 but what I can say about me is I am totally crazy about face oils. I have tried almost all of them which is a lot. Some oils tend to be too greasy, some are too dry. My kitchen cupboard is full of coconut oil, almond oil, olive oil, avocado oil, sesame oil, walnut oils and rose hip oils as well.

When I used “regular” organic oils not specifically for skin they just block my pores so I easily get blackheads and my skin looks unclean and greasy in that way that after my morning skincare routine I cannot do makeup without shining like a polished silverware. For weeks I was looking for something which will satisfy my cravings for face oils and I finally found one.

It was a love at first smell. I am scent sensitive kind of gal, and my new discovery smells like a bottle of heaven.

Blue orchid face treatment oil is my choice no. 1.



As you can see I almost used half of bottle but I am sure I overdose it. You know the trick, I think the more I use the more I get which is not always right. For sure one pump is enough. I need to reconsider this. After a week of use my skin started to look healthier and brighter and I have a feeling I pamper myself anytime I use that gorgeous oil. O do not hesitate, and price is reasonable. I am gonna to buy some more next week to have a good stock.

And that’s it about skinner, easy. All I need is my oil.

Now a few makeup products.

CC cream spf 50 Your skin but better It cosmetics says everything, I do not need to add a word. Best product ever, not cakey, high spf, moisturizing, that formula suits me the most. There is also one luminous but too shiny for my safety zone.



In concealer department I have discovered 2 products. My question always was: concealer or not concealer? This is no longer valid. I just couldn’t find the right one. But finally, these are my beauties.



I bought It cosmetics bye-bye under eye first. It is great for winter, when skin looks grayish. Under eyes circles just vanish after using this beastie. For spring and summer when I need something lighter Glosier stretchy concealer is my choice. It is really stretchy, not cakey, do not emphesize lines or wrinkles. It is really creamy, more than his friend.

Finally if you still read that post I need to mention my lipstick. I was so attach to Chanel Monte Carlo lipstick for years, wanted to buy another one and noticed that they no longer produce that range of colors. Chanel reformulated Rouge Coco Shine. They are now more pigmented, and last longer. My color is Arthur, looks like real, warm red. Not too orangey, not too bluey. Perfect red for each skin tone.



Also I need to mention that all lipstick from that range are named as Chanel friends and the idea that my favorite lipstick is Arthur, her first love, blows my mind.


Tell me about your dear products for skincare and makeup.

Have a nice weekend.



My name is Nature

Hi Wednesday.

This is definitely my fav day of the whole week, except Friday but I consider Friday as weekend. Wednesday is in the middle, I like everything which is in the middle surrounded by the edgy parts. Someday I heard that everything what starts in Wednesday ends with success.

But as the title of my post, I need to concentrate more on Nature than a weekdays.

From the very beginning I loved nature, flowers, water, sun, trees, all Mother Earth and her children. When I see cutting a tree I feel some kind of pain. I will never understand people littering and harming our climate. I prefer earthy colors, natural fabrics and simple food over artificial, synthetic materials.

I am very into marbling now. Everything which is from marble stone catches my eye like nothing else. Hiking in BigBend National Park last weekend I saw such a wonderful piece of art. No-one will make it better, nobody will choose better color palette or better shades. Let’s look at that picture and admire for a while.


I still believe that the best ideas, patterns and colors for our slow-fashion era we can find in nature. These are my ideas for the next project, hopefully ended with success as started on Wednesday.


I hope you have wonderful Wednesday so far.


Spring wardrobe is coming to town…

Hi there, still working on my style but I am closer and closer everyday. No mess with Texas, no mess with me. Less jewellery, less branding. I can describe my style like Parisian-inspired, urban-minimal with always reddish lips. That’s me, like you could only visualize. I hope my husband read this so he can confirm or deny.

My comfort zone colors are: navy, blush (pinkish blush my mummy always says powdery rose color), nude with all shades, grey with the same, white, red, blue and black.

Fabrics mainly natural: wool, cashmere, silk, denim, leather, cotton, linen.

By the end of next week I hope to have all my wardrobe done so I can share with you. Like now, color palette is ready and waiting to post.





These are my real clothes’ colors, black and white everyone knows and no need to picture them.

So, I think next week will be very interesting for all of us, I can’t wait to share with you my full spring pieces.

Stay warm, I plan to have a family weekend as spring breake is in the middle.

Love, Kasia

My academic title.

I could be a professor or at least a doctor if only I could have spent my time learning instead of shopping or searching clothing stores web pages. A lot of time I have invested into my closet. And what do I have now, where am I now?

Answer if very difficult. I have lots of stuff: clothes, accessories, bags, shoes, beauty products and still do not have confidence with all I have. My shopping habits were like classic. Buying because of seasonal sales, improving my mood, rewarding myself, relieving some pain after having an argument with my partner or just because there was anything more interesting to do. And here I am, confessing all my sins and bed habits.

As life shows we always need something different than we actually have and now I want to have clear, customized or better said: tailored wardrobe. Cut for my style, my body shape and my taste. What actually does this mean I tell you soon for sure.

I am inspired by lots of people, lots of magazines, pictures on Instagram and Pintrest but mostly I’ve helped myself to discover my style and step by step incorporate it into my wordrobe thanks to great books I have listed below.


Marie Kondo “The life – changing  magic of tidying up”- this one realized me how cluttered is my life. Having opportunity to remove everything as she said” which won’t make you happy” is like a balsam to my soul. I did great job.

Anuschka Rees “Curated Closed” opened my mind to my real style. Not the style I like on other people but to my own.

Both books showed me how much I still have to do to be confident and happy with everything I wear and because of that I still need to get rid of some clothes from my closet which won’t match my personal style. I love some of them but they are more for admiring instead of wearing.

Navaz Batliwalla “The new garçonne How to be a modern gentlewoman ” the style she presented matched my style like 100%.

My “go to” style is definitely gentlewoman style. Caroline de Maigret inspires me everyday. Following her in social media is my window to Parisian modern gentlewoman’s style. And her book is also one from my must- read’s list before you plan to change or discover your closet’s comfort zone.


So, let’s start the journey of cleaning, minimizing, matching and all the most: having fun with your style.

Let’s do it. Together.



My current striped obsession.

Probably all of us had in some point of time pattern obsession. Could be everything, earrings, sweaters patterns, bags shape etc. I have one also, just like now, I can say it is mainly blue or navy, black, white or creamy with lines or stripes.

Regular straight lines this is what concerns me most. When I am shopping, only stripes catch my eyes. Maybe because I want to simplify everything in my life. I had a lot of colors, florals, shapes in my closet so now I need something classic, pure and simple.  And that formula is also just into fashion like now.


So let’s look what I have got for you as an example.




Not only lounge wear or sleepwear is my striped friend. Also formal wear goes on the same path.

Linen from ages was my favorite textile. Love that fabric because is like wine, the oldest the better. I have some pieces for more than 10 years and look great after so many washings. Everywhere I go I always search for a good linen clothes. Their shape mostly classic and easy to wear. My best linen color is natural: creamy with brownish visible parts of that miraculous plant.



As I said before it is my obsession, but not curable one.



My latest addition is that boxy, crop top on the top of my pile. Soft, snuggle, comfy. My comfort zone is filled in 100%.

Take a look at my whole stripes collection, there is everything starting from shorts to shirts. I am all covered.



Tell me what are your fav patterns, colors and fabric.







Not for me anymore.

Hi, welcome again. Texas is so shiny and warm today, like calendar forgot about winter. I like that weather and staying warm in winter. I just started to scroll all clothing e-stores to look at the new collections and suddenly realized I do not want anything more, except one item I am looking since last month. Black leather tote. My budget is sth round 150$ and what I can tell it is hard to find sth nice round my budget. All I see is round 50$ fake leather or more than 200 designer genuine leather totes. I want sth quiet, rather clean, modern style, I have similar in brown from Michael Kors but buying the same only different color in not like me…… I do not have an urge to buy so I can wait for more favorable time. No need to rush. I’ve completely changed my shopping style, no compulsive shopping any more, only what’s on my list. And surprisingly my list doesn’t exist. If I really consider for now what I want to buy I suddenly realize I have all I need. I do not blindly follow trends (I remember when I was, now I can say: it was like being in a trap), I have a lot and only one thing I want to do is to take care of what I have.

This winter I decided to shift my summer/spring clothes to my guest closet and discover all that stuff once spring come.

And all I can say now it is amazing how all my clothes look for me after 4 months of absence in my wardrobe. All look like new, new colors, new perspective. I feel like reading the same book once again. I remember the main idea but not details. Do you have that feelings sometimes? Or like watching the same movie after few years. Good, safe, warm feelings.

What I also gain, I have more space in my main wardrobe, I can choose my outfit easier among just a few sweaters and jackets.




Have you tried this before? Tell me your experiences with organizing wardrobe between seasons.



How to pack up for a weekend in a town during winter.

Seem to me very difficult but finally I did it. First time quite efficiently and light. No overweight, no unused items, even with some space for shopping (if only had time to do). Look at inside my suitcase. Only “must have” for a colder weather in Atlanta. Packing up for a weekend in town is different than for a weekend outside let’s say on countryside. No need for lots of lounge wear, slouchy sweaters (sorry for those who wears them all the time for all occasions, I wish I could). Everything looks like put together and smart. So let’s start:




Grey cashmere sweater for the warmth, Halloween pajamas for a sleep ( I rarely buy seasonal items but this year and of course now I need to bother).

Leather like leggings, brown merino wool t-shirt, stripped grey and white first layer, black occasional lacy top (very, very light), plastic Birkenstocks, trainers and cosmetic bag. And of course my camera. I was so proud, I did huge progress after I read ” The Life-changing magic of tidying up” by Marie Kondo.

Let’s try to be more organized and more weight-friendly considering your next trip.


With all theat lightness