My skincare routine update.

You probably have remembered my Eve Lom first impression? yes, I was so into these skincare products. I was hoping to find something extra, super, for my discoloration and my hope was so huge that at the end I have failed. I spent a fortune for those products and at the end I am only using Nivea moisturizer and Neutrogena to cure my allergy. Maybe I used them too much or too often? I do not know but I am sure I do not use them any more. It started with little tickling and that was first signal I should stop. But I didn’t. Then I had a rush and now my face looks like a desert. Why on earth it always happens in a least expected moment? Fate’s irony, let’s say. No make up on, so that means I stayed home almost whole week. I am also sure I procrastinated lots of things due to my “face lift”. Looks like greasy hair are not the only reason we cancel dates and bigger or smaller events. My energy level dropped suddenly and the only one thing I would like to achieve this month is to start doing something. Just anything, going out, enjoying winter. And as I write this post I just discovered I need to declutter my closet one more time. That will be so brilliant fresh start at the middle of ¬†January. Thank’s readers. One step forward.


Have a great weekend and it seems like spring is coming after freezing cold in Texas. Why no-one warned me about real winter in DFW? I should have known that.



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