1st January 2018, Monday.

The date is incredible. Like the beginning and start altogether. For someone who needs a fresh start that’s something for consideration.


For me, as I already told I do not have any New Year’s resolutions, it is a great day to begin my new calendar/planner. I am not so good in organizing my time, so this year I try to use calendars. I have three and one bullet journal. Well prepared, hmmm?

I have one I got from my mummy, with all special days’ marked, one from my Secret Santa with Paris landscapes (he knows how much I love Paris) one I purchased from Moleskin (of course French brand) and bullet journal which I wanna try. I feel lost in the middle of the dots, but we will see how the journey looks like after some time. For now I realized it is quite good for my calligraphy practice.

It is definitely something magical when you open your paper calendar on the first blank page and you wonder “what is going to happen, what stories are going to fill in my planner”? I always start to flip pages of any magazines from the end to the beginning, but in this case I need to start properly.


Do you use any special calendars or just what’s on sale or random choice?


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