New 2018 is coming to town.

I hope you are all great and cosy. Boxing Day in the UK and here few days in between holidays finally came. I feel good, little bit nervous before New Year. I was born in August let’s agree in the middle of the year so I have never had any New Year’s resolutions, and that was fine for me. It worked until now. Every time I read any posts at the beginning of the year I feel pressure to invent sth new, to promise myself sth and if I cannot think of something the last sheet-anchor is “ok, this year I am going to loose some weight”. But this year actually it won’t work. I lost some weight before New Year so I am totally free and out of all New Year’s promises, resolutions, plans, etc.


I am good enough, sorry if I sound little bit cocky. You should also feel the same, or other words: you don’t need to do anything. You are good enough. My life experience shows that me, and probably you as well (as we are all two of a kind) do not need anything more to feel happy, accomplished and fulfilled. We breath the same air, have the same human nature and have the same reason to live our life.


So think about that before you buy gym membership, promise yourself to be a better money saver or spend more quality time with someone.


I wish you quiet, happy moment with yourSelf for the whole 2018.




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