I am crazy about…..

My skincare.

I would rather spend some money for skincare than gym membership. I have always loved good cosmetics. From the moment I noticed discoloration on my face, as later on I change this issue into “pregnancy award”, I started to search and buy so many product and nothing has really helped. I did even cosmelan treatment which is really aggressive one and everything looked great till first sunshines in summer.

What I have learnt from past, the best friend for me is SPF daily, even during “not so sunny days”, and good skincare during darker seasons that is fall and winter. I am always on a hunt for good products and this time I really invested in something even better I could imagine.




Brightening line: cleanser, serum and moisturizer. These are my friends when I want to pumper myself lil’bit. ¬†And let’s be honest, after crazy Christmas’ arrangements today is time for me. Bath is almost ready, I’m gonna indulge myself and wait in that mood for secret Santa’ s presents.


All the best for you for holidays’ season.




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