What to expect from holidays’ season.


How to avoid being tired and feeling blue after, and sometimes, during holidays’ season?

Sometimes we are kindly invited to a party we wouldn’t like to go but it won’t be nice not to show up, someone can feel offended or even angry. But what about us? Do we need to force ourselves to attend “not so nice”  gatherings?

I always think it is better to avoid sth which can hurt us than to digest it long days and feel sick. That’s the same with food and alcohol. I do not drink or eat a lot (glass of wine few times a week) because I know I won’t feel good next day. Easy.


When you know someone can hurt or embarrass you during conversation, can you see any reason to be the shooting shield?

I remember my aunt, I used to see her 2 times a year and each time she saw me she shouted: you look good, gain some weight……. That was so horrible for me. I was chubby then and the last thing I wanted to hear was just her confirmation.  Now from a distance of time I think that was funny, I mean my anger, but years ago that was rude and embarrassing for me specially when living among all skinny kiddos from my family.

Now I prefer to stay in my comfort zone and do leave it.





There were times when I felt like a host on all boring parties. I wanted to entertain people, no matter that I was also a guest. Just imagine, you seat among people and suddenly there is a silence. It lasts some time and no one says a word. The “silence cloud”  is heavier and heavier and who is the first who tells joke or funny story? I have always thought I am responsible for all guests’ moods. And after years of being a clown I said no more. It is exhausting and why I need to try so hard? I choose what is really comforting and pleasant. Meeting with supporting and loving people two times a year means more than seeing opposite ones every month.


Finally, I have a pile of really good books waiting for me, wonderful candle to burn and few chocolate boxes to drink.



Have a calm and nurturing holidays’ season.




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