Advent cookies.



Advent cookies are our treats before real Christmas feast. Who doesn’t like cookies? Is there any one? Back to my childhood cookies weren’t as popular as cakes and we weren’t very into baking them, except ginger cookies before Christmas, but now you can find cookies’ receipt you couldn’t even imagine they exist. Raw, vegan, no-carbs, quinoa, chia, oats, paleo, and many more.

Do not find excuses, tuck your sleeves and let’s bake. There is nothing more comforting than cookies and hot chocolate if you have such a sweet teeth like me.


All you need (for my favorite mince pies) is 350 g plain flour, 225 g cold butter, 100 g golden sugar, icing sugar to dust and mince pies’ filling (I always buy) which mainly consists: raisins, apples, sometimes walnuts and sweetener, orange peel, ¬†you can adjust everything to meet your taste.





Some people use plant margarine or coconut oil instead od butter.





I asked my daughter to help me, but she mainly made some photos.





I made 12 pies, no matter than one is thinner, one thicker. They all taste so good, even Tosia ate one frankly speaking she doesn’t like raisins.




I hope you enjoy your holiday’s season and please let me know what’s your best festive treat?



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