Christmas tree has arrived.


Do you feel Christmas? Little complicated when the weather is round 70’s F. So different when we used to have in Poland this time of year. But anyway, I feel the spirit. Many lights in our neighborhood, jingle bells, Santa’s wish lists, my kids’ birthdays, all the secrets, family gatherings, quality time and of course the smell od Christmas. My kitchen is always full od food, special, traditional ones.


Also, bringing home Christmas tree is magical. All family decorated our tree sipping coffee or hot chocolate and listening to the music. My husband’s is the best in choosing music. He knows what I need.





This year I even made advent wreath, not so popular in our families but the idea of lightening 4 candles one by one during 4th Sundays of advent makes the whole atmosphere even more special and uplifting.





I am looking forward for Christmas. ┬áLet’s unite our hearts with no prejudice, griefs, regrets and sorrows.

Being one huge global family is much more beautiful than divided into lonely pieces.




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