My wish list.



Just as I told you in the previous post I am no longer sales’ lover. I try to skip that calories burner and more often take the opportunity to count my steps during pilates sessions than running shopping malls. It doesn’t mean I stopped shopping at all. Having a wish list is a really great idea. You can write your dreams, think about them, change your mind few times and at the end continue with that journey or skip it. But for sure your decision gonna be honest and you will probably gain more and spend less.


Celine trio bag was on my list for a few years. It was the most instagram’s friendly bag for  few seasons in a row. Some people love it some just opposite. I always wanted black one, no way I could consider different color. Celine fashion house is probably more famous from that piece. The day I have heard the rumours Celine creative director’s Phoebe Philo is going to leave Celine at the end of this year just pull the trigger. I love strong women and Phoebe is for sure one of them. She converted underperforming brand into a  blooming one, so at the time you read that post I am probably a happy owner of my Celine dream. Yes, I am emotional. And of course my love to Paris designers is very strong . For me Celine fashion house looks like minimalism came out of traditional background. Yep, that’s my words believe or not.


Second and last place on my wish list belongs to little blue jewelry box. What’s inside? We will see or not depends on the Santa. Maybe next year?


Do you have your wish list?





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