How to survive between holidays?




I am not writing about food, high blood pressure and high sugar intake during holiday season’s feasts. I am writing about your wardrobe, shopping and all forthcoming sales. This year my Thanksgiving’s party outfit was old. Nothing new, nothing from sale.


I was always shocked when read someone’s posts about skipping sales. How is that possible? That is the way we can save money buying something cheaper and still at the beginning of the season (we know how early all sales start). Being ┬ásale’s lover I was always on a hunt. And actually spent more money than having a wish list and skip impulse shopping. After a long ride with my sale habit I realized that I always take rid of the stuff I have bought on sale. I did not even remember what I really hide in my wardrobe after purchasing. That makes me wonder… Why we shop on sales?





First we think it’s a bargain. We are more wise than the seller because we gain, they loose. But why we need to buy third sweater or second parka? Is the color so important? Last season khaki was on top this sezon it is navy. Do we really need to have a leather jacket in all rainbow’s color? New boots, new skirt, new everything…..

There was a time I thought new is better than old. But having read lots of book about Parisian style which I love I have changed my mind. I am more nostalgic and romantic about my clothes, my style. I no longer think I need more, I feel confident and satisfied with my closet content. Of course I can always improve some departments, add some pieces for occasional wear but for my everyday look I am covered. Now I have more fun with playing and matching my clothes than playing with credit cards and asking myself for more.


That was a long journey but now everything fits. I can take any trousers: denim or tailored from my lower rack and any top from my top rack and they all fit together. What a relief. No “I do not have anything to wear”. No uncomfortable shoes, too big or too small purchased because they were so cute, or very cheap, no comfort sacrifice.

If you like me crossed the long bridge and have the same feeling just let me know.


Have a great no-shopping experiences during holidays season.




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