Fall make up.



Fall makeup is the easiest. Not a lot on a game. Vibrancy and life, no grays, shimmers and pearls, just matte and colors.

Days ago I loved grayish make up but these days are gone. No make up make up or fall make up all year long.

I started with CC cream from The Face Shop- Korean brand not the same as “the Body Shop” you can find on the corner of almost each town in the USA.



SPF 50, great coverage. Quite pricey but worth the money.


Next step- powder, but only for my  T zone. Believe me, couldn’t fine the perfect one.  I have spent hours in Sephora and I know that if you are not sure what you want you can come back home with bag full of crap. Everyone tried to sell me something different. I sad politely “I need some time alone” and I found what I was looking for. This powder does the job.



For cheeks department I bought Chanel Les Beiges no.40. Not too orange not too grayish. Sometimes when I use contour powder I look like having a beard. Not this time.



And last but not least eyeshadows and lipstick. Anastasia Beverly Hills “caramel” and Makeupgeek “creme brulee” are my fall winners. Nars Red Square on my lips, but any orangey red is perfect for me all the year long.


And that completed my whole look. I hope you like it. Try to implement some orangey-reddish colors into your make up, because if not now, then when?



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