Fall is here. Feel the air.

Fall is here for good.  First sight? Texas State Fair in Dallas. I bet you have heard sth about if you live in the Lone Star State.





Just after Columbus day we (me and my daughter) went there and I tell you, there were so many people like nowhere else. Crowd everywhere.





Loud music, sunburn, fried food you cannot even imagine what people can fry. Oreo is outdated, now time for fried beer, fried nachos even bubble gum.





We tried fennel cake





and smoked turkey leg, Texas size of course.





Gladly after 2 hours smelling tasty food we finally saw BIG TEX. He is handsome, 55 feet mean something. Looks great after remodeling when caught on fire 5 years ago.




If you still waiting for opportunity to go, do not procrastinate. Only week and they are closed. And what will you tell if someone ask you on a neighborhood Halloween gathering what have you tasted on State Fair? Are you gonna feel like Sting in New York?


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