My summary at the end of 10×10 spring remix.

Now I know myself even better than before 10×10 remix or, let’s be honest I have confirmed some theories about myself.

Firstly, what is the strongest: my day outfit is completely dependent on my mood. My morning coffee and my husband’s morning face expression 🙂 can fully decide about my appearance. Weather is also very important in choosing my outfit. So now you know, my spirit overwhelms everything.

I started spring challenge full of optimism, same as last time, but after 3 days I felt bored, not fit in, restricted and tied. So I quit. I also learn a lot from that experience. I need always, for sure, feel free and independent. I am the kind of person who cannot be guided, when I fell a pressure, I escape, when someone wants to tell me how to behave, how to do certain things me, same as my teenage boy, want to do totally oposite. I am a total rebel.

But back to my wardrobe, I am in love with whites, nudes, reds and navy colors. Simple, minimal cuts also for shoes. Here you have some examples:

First Easter outfit: me all in nudes and it’s shades.


Shoes from Everyone, my favorite, why I have even waited week to order them? They are just perfect, my perfect pair of shoes.




Breton stripy top also won last days. My signature red lips on my beloved stripes…. hmmm best marriage ever. No need to explain more.


And finally (if you are still there) my pajama silky shirt which I was hunting for so long but worth my effort. Navy with white details. Couldn’t find better solution.



I have bought some summer clothes lately to add to my wardrobe and my suitcase 🙂 but be patient, next post is coming soon.

Have a nice end of week.



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