Growing plants and gardening.

As spring remix is still on my Instagram, my impressions will be posted at the end of the next week, so now I need a while to rest from fashion, which consumes all my free time and that is my main reason why I am posting something about garden. (longest sentence ever). Is my next  hobby really granny’ish? I do not know but who cares? Everywhere I have lived I had some plants on a balcony, at home, garden is for me like Central Park for New York. My breath, my meditation, my favorite part of owning house.

Everything needs attention, care and caring eye, but garden gives back so much. At the very early spring I decided to plant new palm because winter has damaged previous one. And that was so nice we could work together as a team. Michal, our kids and me.

A few pictures were taken to record that day and now I share a couple with you.



One of my previous posts says lots about my love to nature. I do not want to repeat myself but my smile tells everything. I am so happy my daughter shares the same feelings as me. She could spend hours growing plants and let’s be honest watering them. That’s the best part of fun. I remember when I was her age I loved rain, water everywhere. Amazing…. something coming from sky. My mother says I always needed to go out during rain with my rainy boots and umbrella. That was fun for sure, so let our kids be wet during rain.

Love for Easter


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