10×10 spring remix

Thank you Caroline Joy from Un-fancy for next challenge. This time 10×10 spring remix.

Everyone is invited. Just pick 10 clothing items (shoes included) and create 10 outfits for ten days. Share your choices on Instagram today and your first outfit post on Monday with #spring10x10  and have fun. I have already chosen my pieces as below.


These are my favorites and I hope they won’t disappoint me.

This challenge is little harder because I needed to include all my Easter outfits. As far as I (and weather forecast) know weather will be similar as today, no sudden changes, no heavy rains or tornados on horizon. Cooler mornings and evenings and warm nice middays. I know that in my church AC is freezing so I needed to include 2 outer layers: one trench coat and one jacket, also 3 tops, 3 bottoms, 2 pairs of shoes.

I hope you like my choices and please, tell me if you like that challenge.

I will post all my outfits on my likekate Instagram and also give you my thoughts during the challenge  so you are informed with details.

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Have a nice weekend.


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