My beauty favorites for spring.

I need to start my beauty series. Every season I will try to post some of my best beauty products so some of you can just like the same or at least try one of them all for your favor because all I include here are my best ever products.


Let’s start this post with skincare.

You know me only from a few posts 😉 but what I can say about me is I am totally crazy about face oils. I have tried almost all of them which is a lot. Some oils tend to be too greasy, some are too dry. My kitchen cupboard is full of coconut oil, almond oil, olive oil, avocado oil, sesame oil, walnut oils and rose hip oils as well.

When I used “regular” organic oils not specifically for skin they just block my pores so I easily get blackheads and my skin looks unclean and greasy in that way that after my morning skincare routine I cannot do makeup without shining like a polished silverware. For weeks I was looking for something which will satisfy my cravings for face oils and I finally found one.

It was a love at first smell. I am scent sensitive kind of gal, and my new discovery smells like a bottle of heaven.

Blue orchid face treatment oil is my choice no. 1.



As you can see I almost used half of bottle but I am sure I overdose it. You know the trick, I think the more I use the more I get which is not always right. For sure one pump is enough. I need to reconsider this. After a week of use my skin started to look healthier and brighter and I have a feeling I pamper myself anytime I use that gorgeous oil. O do not hesitate, and price is reasonable. I am gonna to buy some more next week to have a good stock.

And that’s it about skinner, easy. All I need is my oil.

Now a few makeup products.

CC cream spf 50 Your skin but better It cosmetics says everything, I do not need to add a word. Best product ever, not cakey, high spf, moisturizing, that formula suits me the most. There is also one luminous but too shiny for my safety zone.



In concealer department I have discovered 2 products. My question always was: concealer or not concealer? This is no longer valid. I just couldn’t find the right one. But finally, these are my beauties.



I bought It cosmetics bye-bye under eye first. It is great for winter, when skin looks grayish. Under eyes circles just vanish after using this beastie. For spring and summer when I need something lighter Glosier stretchy concealer is my choice. It is really stretchy, not cakey, do not emphesize lines or wrinkles. It is really creamy, more than his friend.

Finally if you still read that post I need to mention my lipstick. I was so attach to Chanel Monte Carlo lipstick for years, wanted to buy another one and noticed that they no longer produce that range of colors. Chanel reformulated Rouge Coco Shine. They are now more pigmented, and last longer. My color is Arthur, looks like real, warm red. Not too orangey, not too bluey. Perfect red for each skin tone.



Also I need to mention that all lipstick from that range are named as Chanel friends and the idea that my favorite lipstick is Arthur, her first love, blows my mind.


Tell me about your dear products for skincare and makeup.

Have a nice weekend.



2 thoughts on “My beauty favorites for spring.

  1. After reading your post I just cannot not to try the oil:) well advertised
    I trust your favorites – I’m already addicted to CC cream from It cosmetics:)
    Keep posting!!!

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