My name is Nature

Hi Wednesday.

This is definitely my fav day of the whole week, except Friday but I consider Friday as weekend. Wednesday is in the middle, I like everything which is in the middle surrounded by the edgy parts. Someday I heard that everything what starts in Wednesday ends with success.

But as the title of my post, I need to concentrate more on Nature than a weekdays.

From the very beginning I loved nature, flowers, water, sun, trees, all Mother Earth and her children. When I see cutting a tree I feel some kind of pain. I will never understand people littering and harming our climate. I prefer earthy colors, natural fabrics and simple food over artificial, synthetic materials.

I am very into marbling now. Everything which is from marble stone catches my eye like nothing else. Hiking in BigBend National Park last weekend I saw such a wonderful piece of art. No-one will make it better, nobody will choose better color palette or better shades. Let’s look at that picture and admire for a while.


I still believe that the best ideas, patterns and colors for our slow-fashion era we can find in nature. These are my ideas for the next project, hopefully ended with success as started on Wednesday.


I hope you have wonderful Wednesday so far.


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