Spring wardrobe is coming to town…

Hi there, still working on my style but I am closer and closer everyday. No mess with Texas, no mess with me. Less jewellery, less branding. I can describe my style like Parisian-inspired, urban-minimal with always reddish lips. That’s me, like you could only visualize. I hope my husband read this so he can confirm or deny.

My comfort zone colors are: navy, blush (pinkish blush my mummy always says powdery rose color), nude with all shades, grey with the same, white, red, blue and black.

Fabrics mainly natural: wool, cashmere, silk, denim, leather, cotton, linen.

By the end of next week I hope to have all my wardrobe done so I can share with you. Like now, color palette is ready and waiting to post.





These are my real clothes’ colors, black and white everyone knows and no need to picture them.

So, I think next week will be very interesting for all of us, I can’t wait to share with you my full spring pieces.

Stay warm, I plan to have a family weekend as spring breake is in the middle.

Love, Kasia

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