My academic title.

I could be a professor or at least a doctor if only I could have spent my time learning instead of shopping or searching clothing stores web pages. A lot of time I have invested into my closet. And what do I have now, where am I now?

Answer if very difficult. I have lots of stuff: clothes, accessories, bags, shoes, beauty products and still do not have confidence with all I have. My shopping habits were like classic. Buying because of seasonal sales, improving my mood, rewarding myself, relieving some pain after having an argument with my partner or just because there was anything more interesting to do. And here I am, confessing all my sins and bed habits.

As life shows we always need something different than we actually have and now I want to have clear, customized or better said: tailored wardrobe. Cut for my style, my body shape and my taste. What actually does this mean I tell you soon for sure.

I am inspired by lots of people, lots of magazines, pictures on Instagram and Pintrest but mostly I’ve helped myself to discover my style and step by step incorporate it into my wordrobe thanks to great books I have listed below.


Marie Kondo “The life – changing  magic of tidying up”- this one realized me how cluttered is my life. Having opportunity to remove everything as she said” which won’t make you happy” is like a balsam to my soul. I did great job.

Anuschka Rees “Curated Closed” opened my mind to my real style. Not the style I like on other people but to my own.

Both books showed me how much I still have to do to be confident and happy with everything I wear and because of that I still need to get rid of some clothes from my closet which won’t match my personal style. I love some of them but they are more for admiring instead of wearing.

Navaz Batliwalla “The new garçonne How to be a modern gentlewoman ” the style she presented matched my style like 100%.

My “go to” style is definitely gentlewoman style. Caroline de Maigret inspires me everyday. Following her in social media is my window to Parisian modern gentlewoman’s style. And her book is also one from my must- read’s list before you plan to change or discover your closet’s comfort zone.


So, let’s start the journey of cleaning, minimizing, matching and all the most: having fun with your style.

Let’s do it. Together.



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