My current striped obsession.

Probably all of us had in some point of time pattern obsession. Could be everything, earrings, sweaters patterns, bags shape etc. I have one also, just like now, I can say it is mainly blue or navy, black, white or creamy with lines or stripes.

Regular straight lines this is what concerns me most. When I am shopping, only stripes catch my eyes. Maybe because I want to simplify everything in my life. I had a lot of colors, florals, shapes in my closet so now I need something classic, pure and simple.  And that formula is also just into fashion like now.


So let’s look what I have got for you as an example.




Not only lounge wear or sleepwear is my striped friend. Also formal wear goes on the same path.

Linen from ages was my favorite textile. Love that fabric because is like wine, the oldest the better. I have some pieces for more than 10 years and look great after so many washings. Everywhere I go I always search for a good linen clothes. Their shape mostly classic and easy to wear. My best linen color is natural: creamy with brownish visible parts of that miraculous plant.



As I said before it is my obsession, but not curable one.



My latest addition is that boxy, crop top on the top of my pile. Soft, snuggle, comfy. My comfort zone is filled in 100%.

Take a look at my whole stripes collection, there is everything starting from shorts to shirts. I am all covered.



Tell me what are your fav patterns, colors and fabric.







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