How to pack up for a weekend in a town during winter.

Seem to me very difficult but finally I did it. First time quite efficiently and light. No overweight, no unused items, even with some space for shopping (if only had time to do). Look at inside my suitcase. Only “must have” for a colder weather in Atlanta. Packing up for a weekend in town is different than for a weekend outside let’s say on countryside. No need for lots of lounge wear, slouchy sweaters (sorry for those who wears them all the time for all occasions, I wish I could). Everything looks like put together and smart. So let’s start:




Grey cashmere sweater for the warmth, Halloween pajamas for a sleep ( I rarely buy seasonal items but this year and of course now I need to bother).

Leather like leggings, brown merino wool t-shirt, stripped grey and white first layer, black occasional lacy top (very, very light), plastic Birkenstocks, trainers and cosmetic bag. And of course my camera. I was so proud, I did huge progress after I read ” The Life-changing magic of tidying up” by Marie Kondo.

Let’s try to be more organized and more weight-friendly considering your next trip.


With all theat lightness



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