Not for me anymore.

Hi, welcome again. Texas is so shiny and warm today, like calendar forgot about winter. I like that weather and staying warm in winter. I just started to scroll all clothing e-stores to look at the new collections and suddenly realized I do not want anything more, except one item I am looking since last month. Black leather tote. My budget is sth round 150$ and what I can tell it is hard to find sth nice round my budget. All I see is round 50$ fake leather or more than 200 designer genuine leather totes. I want sth quiet, rather clean, modern style, I have similar in brown from Michael Kors but buying the same only different color in not like me…… I do not have an urge to buy so I can wait for more favorable time. No need to rush. I’ve completely changed my shopping style, no compulsive shopping any more, only what’s on my list. And surprisingly my list doesn’t exist. If I really consider for now what I want to buy I suddenly realize I have all I need. I do not blindly follow trends (I remember when I was, now I can say: it was like being in a trap), I have a lot and only one thing I want to do is to take care of what I have.

This winter I decided to shift my summer/spring clothes to my guest closet and discover all that stuff once spring come.

And all I can say now it is amazing how all my clothes look for me after 4 months of absence in my wardrobe. All look like new, new colors, new perspective. I feel like reading the same book once again. I remember the main idea but not details. Do you have that feelings sometimes? Or like watching the same movie after few years. Good, safe, warm feelings.

What I also gain, I have more space in my main wardrobe, I can choose my outfit easier among just a few sweaters and jackets.




Have you tried this before? Tell me your experiences with organizing wardrobe between seasons.



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