My wish list.



Just as I told you in the previous post I am no longer sales’ lover. I try to skip that calories burner and more often take the opportunity to count my steps during pilates sessions than running shopping malls. It doesn’t mean I stopped shopping at all. Having a wish list is a really great idea. You can write your dreams, think about them, change your mind few times and at the end continue with that journey or skip it. But for sure your decision gonna be honest and you will probably gain more and spend less.


Celine trio bag was on my list for a few years. It was the most instagram’s friendly bag for  few seasons in a row. Some people love it some just opposite. I always wanted black one, no way I could consider different color. Celine fashion house is probably more famous from that piece. The day I have heard the rumours Celine creative director’s Phoebe Philo is going to leave Celine at the end of this year just pull the trigger. I love strong women and Phoebe is for sure one of them. She converted underperforming brand into a  blooming one, so at the time you read that post I am probably a happy owner of my Celine dream. Yes, I am emotional. And of course my love to Paris designers is very strong . For me Celine fashion house looks like minimalism came out of traditional background. Yep, that’s my words believe or not.


Second and last place on my wish list belongs to little blue jewelry box. What’s inside? We will see or not depends on the Santa. Maybe next year?


Do you have your wish list?





How to survive between holidays?




I am not writing about food, high blood pressure and high sugar intake during holiday season’s feasts. I am writing about your wardrobe, shopping and all forthcoming sales. This year my Thanksgiving’s party outfit was old. Nothing new, nothing from sale.


I was always shocked when read someone’s posts about skipping sales. How is that possible? That is the way we can save money buying something cheaper and still at the beginning of the season (we know how early all sales start). Being  sale’s lover I was always on a hunt. And actually spent more money than having a wish list and skip impulse shopping. After a long ride with my sale habit I realized that I always take rid of the stuff I have bought on sale. I did not even remember what I really hide in my wardrobe after purchasing. That makes me wonder… Why we shop on sales?





First we think it’s a bargain. We are more wise than the seller because we gain, they loose. But why we need to buy third sweater or second parka? Is the color so important? Last season khaki was on top this sezon it is navy. Do we really need to have a leather jacket in all rainbow’s color? New boots, new skirt, new everything…..

There was a time I thought new is better than old. But having read lots of book about Parisian style which I love I have changed my mind. I am more nostalgic and romantic about my clothes, my style. I no longer think I need more, I feel confident and satisfied with my closet content. Of course I can always improve some departments, add some pieces for occasional wear but for my everyday look I am covered. Now I have more fun with playing and matching my clothes than playing with credit cards and asking myself for more.


That was a long journey but now everything fits. I can take any trousers: denim or tailored from my lower rack and any top from my top rack and they all fit together. What a relief. No “I do not have anything to wear”. No uncomfortable shoes, too big or too small purchased because they were so cute, or very cheap, no comfort sacrifice.

If you like me crossed the long bridge and have the same feeling just let me know.


Have a great no-shopping experiences during holidays season.




Fall is here. Feel the air.

Fall is here for good.  First sight? Texas State Fair in Dallas. I bet you have heard sth about if you live in the Lone Star State.





Just after Columbus day we (me and my daughter) went there and I tell you, there were so many people like nowhere else. Crowd everywhere.





Loud music, sunburn, fried food you cannot even imagine what people can fry. Oreo is outdated, now time for fried beer, fried nachos even bubble gum.





We tried fennel cake





and smoked turkey leg, Texas size of course.





Gladly after 2 hours smelling tasty food we finally saw BIG TEX. He is handsome, 55 feet mean something. Looks great after remodeling when caught on fire 5 years ago.




If you still waiting for opportunity to go, do not procrastinate. Only week and they are closed. And what will you tell if someone ask you on a neighborhood Halloween gathering what have you tasted on State Fair? Are you gonna feel like Sting in New York?


Growing plants and gardening.

As spring remix is still on my Instagram, my impressions will be posted at the end of the next week, so now I need a while to rest from fashion, which consumes all my free time and that is my main reason why I am posting something about garden. (longest sentence ever). Is my next  hobby really granny’ish? I do not know but who cares? Everywhere I have lived I had some plants on a balcony, at home, garden is for me like Central Park for New York. My breath, my meditation, my favorite part of owning house.

Everything needs attention, care and caring eye, but garden gives back so much. At the very early spring I decided to plant new palm because winter has damaged previous one. And that was so nice we could work together as a team. Michal, our kids and me.

A few pictures were taken to record that day and now I share a couple with you.



One of my previous posts says lots about my love to nature. I do not want to repeat myself but my smile tells everything. I am so happy my daughter shares the same feelings as me. She could spend hours growing plants and let’s be honest watering them. That’s the best part of fun. I remember when I was her age I loved rain, water everywhere. Amazing…. something coming from sky. My mother says I always needed to go out during rain with my rainy boots and umbrella. That was fun for sure, so let our kids be wet during rain.

Love for Easter


My name is Nature

Hi Wednesday.

This is definitely my fav day of the whole week, except Friday but I consider Friday as weekend. Wednesday is in the middle, I like everything which is in the middle surrounded by the edgy parts. Someday I heard that everything what starts in Wednesday ends with success.

But as the title of my post, I need to concentrate more on Nature than a weekdays.

From the very beginning I loved nature, flowers, water, sun, trees, all Mother Earth and her children. When I see cutting a tree I feel some kind of pain. I will never understand people littering and harming our climate. I prefer earthy colors, natural fabrics and simple food over artificial, synthetic materials.

I am very into marbling now. Everything which is from marble stone catches my eye like nothing else. Hiking in BigBend National Park last weekend I saw such a wonderful piece of art. No-one will make it better, nobody will choose better color palette or better shades. Let’s look at that picture and admire for a while.


I still believe that the best ideas, patterns and colors for our slow-fashion era we can find in nature. These are my ideas for the next project, hopefully ended with success as started on Wednesday.


I hope you have wonderful Wednesday so far.


My academic title.

I could be a professor or at least a doctor if only I could have spent my time learning instead of shopping or searching clothing stores web pages. A lot of time I have invested into my closet. And what do I have now, where am I now?

Answer if very difficult. I have lots of stuff: clothes, accessories, bags, shoes, beauty products and still do not have confidence with all I have. My shopping habits were like classic. Buying because of seasonal sales, improving my mood, rewarding myself, relieving some pain after having an argument with my partner or just because there was anything more interesting to do. And here I am, confessing all my sins and bed habits.

As life shows we always need something different than we actually have and now I want to have clear, customized or better said: tailored wardrobe. Cut for my style, my body shape and my taste. What actually does this mean I tell you soon for sure.

I am inspired by lots of people, lots of magazines, pictures on Instagram and Pintrest but mostly I’ve helped myself to discover my style and step by step incorporate it into my wordrobe thanks to great books I have listed below.


Marie Kondo “The life – changing  magic of tidying up”- this one realized me how cluttered is my life. Having opportunity to remove everything as she said” which won’t make you happy” is like a balsam to my soul. I did great job.

Anuschka Rees “Curated Closed” opened my mind to my real style. Not the style I like on other people but to my own.

Both books showed me how much I still have to do to be confident and happy with everything I wear and because of that I still need to get rid of some clothes from my closet which won’t match my personal style. I love some of them but they are more for admiring instead of wearing.

Navaz Batliwalla “The new garçonne How to be a modern gentlewoman ” the style she presented matched my style like 100%.

My “go to” style is definitely gentlewoman style. Caroline de Maigret inspires me everyday. Following her in social media is my window to Parisian modern gentlewoman’s style. And her book is also one from my must- read’s list before you plan to change or discover your closet’s comfort zone.


So, let’s start the journey of cleaning, minimizing, matching and all the most: having fun with your style.

Let’s do it. Together.



Not for me anymore.

Hi, welcome again. Texas is so shiny and warm today, like calendar forgot about winter. I like that weather and staying warm in winter. I just started to scroll all clothing e-stores to look at the new collections and suddenly realized I do not want anything more, except one item I am looking since last month. Black leather tote. My budget is sth round 150$ and what I can tell it is hard to find sth nice round my budget. All I see is round 50$ fake leather or more than 200 designer genuine leather totes. I want sth quiet, rather clean, modern style, I have similar in brown from Michael Kors but buying the same only different color in not like me…… I do not have an urge to buy so I can wait for more favorable time. No need to rush. I’ve completely changed my shopping style, no compulsive shopping any more, only what’s on my list. And surprisingly my list doesn’t exist. If I really consider for now what I want to buy I suddenly realize I have all I need. I do not blindly follow trends (I remember when I was, now I can say: it was like being in a trap), I have a lot and only one thing I want to do is to take care of what I have.

This winter I decided to shift my summer/spring clothes to my guest closet and discover all that stuff once spring come.

And all I can say now it is amazing how all my clothes look for me after 4 months of absence in my wardrobe. All look like new, new colors, new perspective. I feel like reading the same book once again. I remember the main idea but not details. Do you have that feelings sometimes? Or like watching the same movie after few years. Good, safe, warm feelings.

What I also gain, I have more space in my main wardrobe, I can choose my outfit easier among just a few sweaters and jackets.




Have you tried this before? Tell me your experiences with organizing wardrobe between seasons.



How to pack up for a weekend in a town during winter.

Seem to me very difficult but finally I did it. First time quite efficiently and light. No overweight, no unused items, even with some space for shopping (if only had time to do). Look at inside my suitcase. Only “must have” for a colder weather in Atlanta. Packing up for a weekend in town is different than for a weekend outside let’s say on countryside. No need for lots of lounge wear, slouchy sweaters (sorry for those who wears them all the time for all occasions, I wish I could). Everything looks like put together and smart. So let’s start:




Grey cashmere sweater for the warmth, Halloween pajamas for a sleep ( I rarely buy seasonal items but this year and of course now I need to bother).

Leather like leggings, brown merino wool t-shirt, stripped grey and white first layer, black occasional lacy top (very, very light), plastic Birkenstocks, trainers and cosmetic bag. And of course my camera. I was so proud, I did huge progress after I read ” The Life-changing magic of tidying up” by Marie Kondo.

Let’s try to be more organized and more weight-friendly considering your next trip.


With all theat lightness