My summary at the end of 10×10 spring remix.

Now I know myself even better than before 10×10 remix or, let’s be honest I have confirmed some theories about myself.

Firstly, what is the strongest: my day outfit is completely dependent on my mood. My morning coffee and my husband’s morning face expression 🙂 can fully decide about my appearance. Weather is also very important in choosing my outfit. So now you know, my spirit overwhelms everything.

I started spring challenge full of optimism, same as last time, but after 3 days I felt bored, not fit in, restricted and tied. So I quit. I also learn a lot from that experience. I need always, for sure, feel free and independent. I am the kind of person who cannot be guided, when I fell a pressure, I escape, when someone wants to tell me how to behave, how to do certain things me, same as my teenage boy, want to do totally oposite. I am a total rebel.

But back to my wardrobe, I am in love with whites, nudes, reds and navy colors. Simple, minimal cuts also for shoes. Here you have some examples:

First Easter outfit: me all in nudes and it’s shades.


Shoes from Everyone, my favorite, why I have even waited week to order them? They are just perfect, my perfect pair of shoes.




Breton stripy top also won last days. My signature red lips on my beloved stripes…. hmmm best marriage ever. No need to explain more.


And finally (if you are still there) my pajama silky shirt which I was hunting for so long but worth my effort. Navy with white details. Couldn’t find better solution.



I have bought some summer clothes lately to add to my wardrobe and my suitcase 🙂 but be patient, next post is coming soon.

Have a nice end of week.



10×10 spring remix

Thank you Caroline Joy from Un-fancy for next challenge. This time 10×10 spring remix.

Everyone is invited. Just pick 10 clothing items (shoes included) and create 10 outfits for ten days. Share your choices on Instagram today and your first outfit post on Monday with #spring10x10  and have fun. I have already chosen my pieces as below.


These are my favorites and I hope they won’t disappoint me.

This challenge is little harder because I needed to include all my Easter outfits. As far as I (and weather forecast) know weather will be similar as today, no sudden changes, no heavy rains or tornados on horizon. Cooler mornings and evenings and warm nice middays. I know that in my church AC is freezing so I needed to include 2 outer layers: one trench coat and one jacket, also 3 tops, 3 bottoms, 2 pairs of shoes.

I hope you like my choices and please, tell me if you like that challenge.

I will post all my outfits on my likekate Instagram and also give you my thoughts during the challenge  so you are informed with details.

Other bloggers who have joined spring 10×10 remix:


Have a nice weekend.


Spring wardrobe is coming to town…

Hi there, still working on my style but I am closer and closer everyday. No mess with Texas, no mess with me. Less jewellery, less branding. I can describe my style like Parisian-inspired, urban-minimal with always reddish lips. That’s me, like you could only visualize. I hope my husband read this so he can confirm or deny.

My comfort zone colors are: navy, blush (pinkish blush my mummy always says powdery rose color), nude with all shades, grey with the same, white, red, blue and black.

Fabrics mainly natural: wool, cashmere, silk, denim, leather, cotton, linen.

By the end of next week I hope to have all my wardrobe done so I can share with you. Like now, color palette is ready and waiting to post.





These are my real clothes’ colors, black and white everyone knows and no need to picture them.

So, I think next week will be very interesting for all of us, I can’t wait to share with you my full spring pieces.

Stay warm, I plan to have a family weekend as spring breake is in the middle.

Love, Kasia

My current striped obsession.

Probably all of us had in some point of time pattern obsession. Could be everything, earrings, sweaters patterns, bags shape etc. I have one also, just like now, I can say it is mainly blue or navy, black, white or creamy with lines or stripes.

Regular straight lines this is what concerns me most. When I am shopping, only stripes catch my eyes. Maybe because I want to simplify everything in my life. I had a lot of colors, florals, shapes in my closet so now I need something classic, pure and simple.  And that formula is also just into fashion like now.


So let’s look what I have got for you as an example.




Not only lounge wear or sleepwear is my striped friend. Also formal wear goes on the same path.

Linen from ages was my favorite textile. Love that fabric because is like wine, the oldest the better. I have some pieces for more than 10 years and look great after so many washings. Everywhere I go I always search for a good linen clothes. Their shape mostly classic and easy to wear. My best linen color is natural: creamy with brownish visible parts of that miraculous plant.



As I said before it is my obsession, but not curable one.



My latest addition is that boxy, crop top on the top of my pile. Soft, snuggle, comfy. My comfort zone is filled in 100%.

Take a look at my whole stripes collection, there is everything starting from shorts to shirts. I am all covered.



Tell me what are your fav patterns, colors and fabric.







How to pack up for a weekend in a town during winter.

Seem to me very difficult but finally I did it. First time quite efficiently and light. No overweight, no unused items, even with some space for shopping (if only had time to do). Look at inside my suitcase. Only “must have” for a colder weather in Atlanta. Packing up for a weekend in town is different than for a weekend outside let’s say on countryside. No need for lots of lounge wear, slouchy sweaters (sorry for those who wears them all the time for all occasions, I wish I could). Everything looks like put together and smart. So let’s start:




Grey cashmere sweater for the warmth, Halloween pajamas for a sleep ( I rarely buy seasonal items but this year and of course now I need to bother).

Leather like leggings, brown merino wool t-shirt, stripped grey and white first layer, black occasional lacy top (very, very light), plastic Birkenstocks, trainers and cosmetic bag. And of course my camera. I was so proud, I did huge progress after I read ” The Life-changing magic of tidying up” by Marie Kondo.

Let’s try to be more organized and more weight-friendly considering your next trip.


With all theat lightness