What to expect from holidays’ season.


How to avoid being tired and feeling blue after, and sometimes, during holidays’ season?

Sometimes we are kindly invited to a party we wouldn’t like to go but it won’t be nice not to show up, someone can feel offended or even angry. But what about us? Do we need to force ourselves to attend “not so nice”  gatherings?

I always think it is better to avoid sth which can hurt us than to digest it long days and feel sick. That’s the same with food and alcohol. I do not drink or eat a lot (glass of wine few times a week) because I know I won’t feel good next day. Easy.


When you know someone can hurt or embarrass you during conversation, can you see any reason to be the shooting shield?

I remember my aunt, I used to see her 2 times a year and each time she saw me she shouted: you look good, gain some weight……. That was so horrible for me. I was chubby then and the last thing I wanted to hear was just her confirmation.  Now from a distance of time I think that was funny, I mean my anger, but years ago that was rude and embarrassing for me specially when living among all skinny kiddos from my family.

Now I prefer to stay in my comfort zone and do leave it.





There were times when I felt like a host on all boring parties. I wanted to entertain people, no matter that I was also a guest. Just imagine, you seat among people and suddenly there is a silence. It lasts some time and no one says a word. The “silence cloud”  is heavier and heavier and who is the first who tells joke or funny story? I have always thought I am responsible for all guests’ moods. And after years of being a clown I said no more. It is exhausting and why I need to try so hard? I choose what is really comforting and pleasant. Meeting with supporting and loving people two times a year means more than seeing opposite ones every month.


Finally, I have a pile of really good books waiting for me, wonderful candle to burn and few chocolate boxes to drink.



Have a calm and nurturing holidays’ season.




Advent cookies.



Advent cookies are our treats before real Christmas feast. Who doesn’t like cookies? Is there any one? Back to my childhood cookies weren’t as popular as cakes and we weren’t very into baking them, except ginger cookies before Christmas, but now you can find cookies’ receipt you couldn’t even imagine they exist. Raw, vegan, no-carbs, quinoa, chia, oats, paleo, and many more.

Do not find excuses, tuck your sleeves and let’s bake. There is nothing more comforting than cookies and hot chocolate if you have such a sweet teeth like me.


All you need (for my favorite mince pies) is 350 g plain flour, 225 g cold butter, 100 g golden sugar, icing sugar to dust and mince pies’ filling (I always buy) which mainly consists: raisins, apples, sometimes walnuts and sweetener, orange peel,  you can adjust everything to meet your taste.





Some people use plant margarine or coconut oil instead od butter.





I asked my daughter to help me, but she mainly made some photos.





I made 12 pies, no matter than one is thinner, one thicker. They all taste so good, even Tosia ate one frankly speaking she doesn’t like raisins.




I hope you enjoy your holiday’s season and please let me know what’s your best festive treat?



Christmas tree has arrived.


Do you feel Christmas? Little complicated when the weather is round 70’s F. So different when we used to have in Poland this time of year. But anyway, I feel the spirit. Many lights in our neighborhood, jingle bells, Santa’s wish lists, my kids’ birthdays, all the secrets, family gatherings, quality time and of course the smell od Christmas. My kitchen is always full od food, special, traditional ones.


Also, bringing home Christmas tree is magical. All family decorated our tree sipping coffee or hot chocolate and listening to the music. My husband’s is the best in choosing music. He knows what I need.





This year I even made advent wreath, not so popular in our families but the idea of lightening 4 candles one by one during 4th Sundays of advent makes the whole atmosphere even more special and uplifting.





I am looking forward for Christmas.  Let’s unite our hearts with no prejudice, griefs, regrets and sorrows.

Being one huge global family is much more beautiful than divided into lonely pieces.




My wish list.



Just as I told you in the previous post I am no longer sales’ lover. I try to skip that calories burner and more often take the opportunity to count my steps during pilates sessions than running shopping malls. It doesn’t mean I stopped shopping at all. Having a wish list is a really great idea. You can write your dreams, think about them, change your mind few times and at the end continue with that journey or skip it. But for sure your decision gonna be honest and you will probably gain more and spend less.


Celine trio bag was on my list for a few years. It was the most instagram’s friendly bag for  few seasons in a row. Some people love it some just opposite. I always wanted black one, no way I could consider different color. Celine fashion house is probably more famous from that piece. The day I have heard the rumours Celine creative director’s Phoebe Philo is going to leave Celine at the end of this year just pull the trigger. I love strong women and Phoebe is for sure one of them. She converted underperforming brand into a  blooming one, so at the time you read that post I am probably a happy owner of my Celine dream. Yes, I am emotional. And of course my love to Paris designers is very strong . For me Celine fashion house looks like minimalism came out of traditional background. Yep, that’s my words believe or not.


Second and last place on my wish list belongs to little blue jewelry box. What’s inside? We will see or not depends on the Santa. Maybe next year?


Do you have your wish list?





How to survive between holidays?




I am not writing about food, high blood pressure and high sugar intake during holiday season’s feasts. I am writing about your wardrobe, shopping and all forthcoming sales. This year my Thanksgiving’s party outfit was old. Nothing new, nothing from sale.


I was always shocked when read someone’s posts about skipping sales. How is that possible? That is the way we can save money buying something cheaper and still at the beginning of the season (we know how early all sales start). Being  sale’s lover I was always on a hunt. And actually spent more money than having a wish list and skip impulse shopping. After a long ride with my sale habit I realized that I always take rid of the stuff I have bought on sale. I did not even remember what I really hide in my wardrobe after purchasing. That makes me wonder… Why we shop on sales?





First we think it’s a bargain. We are more wise than the seller because we gain, they loose. But why we need to buy third sweater or second parka? Is the color so important? Last season khaki was on top this sezon it is navy. Do we really need to have a leather jacket in all rainbow’s color? New boots, new skirt, new everything…..

There was a time I thought new is better than old. But having read lots of book about Parisian style which I love I have changed my mind. I am more nostalgic and romantic about my clothes, my style. I no longer think I need more, I feel confident and satisfied with my closet content. Of course I can always improve some departments, add some pieces for occasional wear but for my everyday look I am covered. Now I have more fun with playing and matching my clothes than playing with credit cards and asking myself for more.


That was a long journey but now everything fits. I can take any trousers: denim or tailored from my lower rack and any top from my top rack and they all fit together. What a relief. No “I do not have anything to wear”. No uncomfortable shoes, too big or too small purchased because they were so cute, or very cheap, no comfort sacrifice.

If you like me crossed the long bridge and have the same feeling just let me know.


Have a great no-shopping experiences during holidays season.




Fall make up.



Fall makeup is the easiest. Not a lot on a game. Vibrancy and life, no grays, shimmers and pearls, just matte and colors.

Days ago I loved grayish make up but these days are gone. No make up make up or fall make up all year long.

I started with CC cream from The Face Shop- Korean brand not the same as “the Body Shop” you can find on the corner of almost each town in the USA.



SPF 50, great coverage. Quite pricey but worth the money.


Next step- powder, but only for my  T zone. Believe me, couldn’t fine the perfect one.  I have spent hours in Sephora and I know that if you are not sure what you want you can come back home with bag full of crap. Everyone tried to sell me something different. I sad politely “I need some time alone” and I found what I was looking for. This powder does the job.



For cheeks department I bought Chanel Les Beiges no.40. Not too orange not too grayish. Sometimes when I use contour powder I look like having a beard. Not this time.



And last but not least eyeshadows and lipstick. Anastasia Beverly Hills “caramel” and Makeupgeek “creme brulee” are my fall winners. Nars Red Square on my lips, but any orangey red is perfect for me all the year long.


And that completed my whole look. I hope you like it. Try to implement some orangey-reddish colors into your make up, because if not now, then when?



Real hunt. H&M and ERDEM.

I was little bit uninformed and overslept about the day H&M &  Erdem collaboration’s released. So day after I went to Dallas Northpark mall even as previously informed they were sold out, but I needed to check by myself.  I still listen my inner voice…

That was a good decision, I still could get some great pieces as you can see below.

Here in States you can return unused stuff 30 days after purchase, so it was probably surprising ERDEM pieces you could return till 8th of November. Only 5 days. It is 10th and I still have them in my closet. Lucky me. I was waiting till that day because I wanted to be sure I write a post about a stuff I really keep. Otherwise I could be unreliable, let’s say.

I did not see all collection in real but I can say all the pieces I saw looked great. Prints, fabrics, shapes, everything.




Not to “screamy”, toned colors but still trendy like leopard print coat. I am not very into florals but shoes and t-shirt look really great. Could be my “statements” for the whole looks.




When my daughter saw the little tiny clutch she said: “it is too cute to return”.




That was my first time I could buy sth from H&M collaboration and I am definitely going to be on a hunt next Fall.




Have a great Fall weekend,







Fall is here. Feel the air.

Fall is here for good.  First sight? Texas State Fair in Dallas. I bet you have heard sth about if you live in the Lone Star State.





Just after Columbus day we (me and my daughter) went there and I tell you, there were so many people like nowhere else. Crowd everywhere.





Loud music, sunburn, fried food you cannot even imagine what people can fry. Oreo is outdated, now time for fried beer, fried nachos even bubble gum.





We tried fennel cake





and smoked turkey leg, Texas size of course.





Gladly after 2 hours smelling tasty food we finally saw BIG TEX. He is handsome, 55 feet mean something. Looks great after remodeling when caught on fire 5 years ago.




If you still waiting for opportunity to go, do not procrastinate. Only week and they are closed. And what will you tell if someone ask you on a neighborhood Halloween gathering what have you tasted on State Fair? Are you gonna feel like Sting in New York?


My summary at the end of 10×10 spring remix.

Now I know myself even better than before 10×10 remix or, let’s be honest I have confirmed some theories about myself.

Firstly, what is the strongest: my day outfit is completely dependent on my mood. My morning coffee and my husband’s morning face expression 🙂 can fully decide about my appearance. Weather is also very important in choosing my outfit. So now you know, my spirit overwhelms everything.

I started spring challenge full of optimism, same as last time, but after 3 days I felt bored, not fit in, restricted and tied. So I quit. I also learn a lot from that experience. I need always, for sure, feel free and independent. I am the kind of person who cannot be guided, when I fell a pressure, I escape, when someone wants to tell me how to behave, how to do certain things me, same as my teenage boy, want to do totally oposite. I am a total rebel.

But back to my wardrobe, I am in love with whites, nudes, reds and navy colors. Simple, minimal cuts also for shoes. Here you have some examples:

First Easter outfit: me all in nudes and it’s shades.


Shoes from Everyone, my favorite, why I have even waited week to order them? They are just perfect, my perfect pair of shoes.




Breton stripy top also won last days. My signature red lips on my beloved stripes…. hmmm best marriage ever. No need to explain more.


And finally (if you are still there) my pajama silky shirt which I was hunting for so long but worth my effort. Navy with white details. Couldn’t find better solution.



I have bought some summer clothes lately to add to my wardrobe and my suitcase 🙂 but be patient, next post is coming soon.

Have a nice end of week.



Growing plants and gardening.

As spring remix is still on my Instagram, my impressions will be posted at the end of the next week, so now I need a while to rest from fashion, which consumes all my free time and that is my main reason why I am posting something about garden. (longest sentence ever). Is my next  hobby really granny’ish? I do not know but who cares? Everywhere I have lived I had some plants on a balcony, at home, garden is for me like Central Park for New York. My breath, my meditation, my favorite part of owning house.

Everything needs attention, care and caring eye, but garden gives back so much. At the very early spring I decided to plant new palm because winter has damaged previous one. And that was so nice we could work together as a team. Michal, our kids and me.

A few pictures were taken to record that day and now I share a couple with you.



One of my previous posts says lots about my love to nature. I do not want to repeat myself but my smile tells everything. I am so happy my daughter shares the same feelings as me. She could spend hours growing plants and let’s be honest watering them. That’s the best part of fun. I remember when I was her age I loved rain, water everywhere. Amazing…. something coming from sky. My mother says I always needed to go out during rain with my rainy boots and umbrella. That was fun for sure, so let our kids be wet during rain.

Love for Easter